Dr. Jay  R. Benson: D.O., Patient Care Director AND Dr. Fuhrman: Medical Associate, Flemington, NJ

Tracy Kay’s inspirational personal experience backs up the veracity of her thoughtful suggestions described in The Wellness Mindset. Following her keys to health most certainly will allow the reader to breakthrough to their health potential. All readers, whatever their health status, will treasure the advice found in this book. I encourage you to read it and apply it.

Linda Hamilton: Health Editor of Woman’s World

No boring lectures here! With both empathy and humor, Tracy Kay shares how to rev your health and vitality – just by making study-proven tweaks to your everyday health.

Sarah Curcio: Organizer of Celiac and Allergy Support

I have collaborated with Tracy Kay on quite a few health oriented projects and her knowledge of the health and wellness field is absolutely extraordinary. She is very understanding and her organizational skills are above and beyond. She has literally walked the walk, so you know you can trust her talk.

Amazon Reviewer

“The Wellness Mindset” is a valuable book that combines a wealth of nutritional wisdom with a variety of other recommendations for wellness. Although I’ve been educating myself about healthy eating for decades, this book opened my eyes to quite a few things I wasn’t aware of before. Tracy Kay has really done her homework, and the evidence is in the credible and respectable sources she cites as well as her own return to health.

In addition to the nutritional particulars, I also appreciated her messages about self-value, self-care, and exercise as well as the extremely important information she offers about how to choose health-care advisors who will support true healing and wellness. “The Wellness Mindset” also includes a valuable section on what to do if you’re diagnosed with a serious illness. This book is short enough to not overwhelm people looking for important next steps while also being packed with beneficial suggestions.

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