Six Surprising Ways to Boost Your Energy

david-gareji-1574910_1280Sometimes life can be so busy that it seems to move at warp speed and that can leave you feeling like you’ve been through a three day binge, and not the fun kind! Today’s high-speed living can definitely sap your energy. What do you do about it? Why, get more energy of course! Here are some great tips for doing just that.

Reduce Coffee Consumption – Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system and can give you a false sense of energy and the perception that you can get by on less sleep. It can even affect the quality of your sleep if you drink it too close to bedtime. For some people, that can be as long as six hours before bed. If you’re like me and love the taste of coffee, but want to avoid the harmful effects, try a coffee substitute. One that I love and recommend is Dandy Blend, as it tastes very coffee-like. I get it from

Add Chia Seeds to Your Diet – While there are many foods that are designated as superfoods; this one is a star! Just one tablespoon full in a smoothie or added to other dishes (like your morning oatmeal) will help make you feel amazing. I find that it definitely revs my energy. If you are not familiar with this powerhouse of nutrition, CLICK HERE to read all about it.

Move that Body!  – I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before about how exercise is important for health, but it bears mentioning here. This is because not only does exercise do so many wonderful things for your well-being, it will improve your energy level as well. Something as easy as walking will do wonders. Try it, you’ll see!

Relieve Stress – Stress is a stealth monster! It sneaks up on you and steals your energy. Stop the stealth monster in his tracks by practicing daily stress relief. Don’t let it build up! CLICK HERE to check out some stress busting strategies.

Find What Brings You Joy – Find something that you can do as a hobby that makes you happy.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument or design jewelry. You can take classes or even check out YouTube and learn how to do just about anything. Some people’s hobbies have even turned into opportunities. For instance, I know someone who makes pottery and has turned it into a business that she loves. So, you never know!

Make Someone’s Day – This could be as simple as giving someone a smile or words of encouragement. You never know what someone may be going through and a kind word or a smile may be just the thing that they need. I have had people tell me that my words were just what they needed at that moment. And let me tell you, there is no feeling like knowing that you helped someone. You will feel ten feet tall and, yes, energized!

So, give these tips a try and share in the comments what you do to rev your energy.

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