Are You Sacrificing Your Life (and Health) on the Altar of “The Job”?

Post 31 The JobAh, “The Job”. You know that thing you go to from 8-5 at least five days a week with weekends off if you are lucky? Now, I know that earning an income is necessary in order to live, but do you have a job or does “The Job” have you?

Here’s short quiz to see if this might be true for you:

Are you unable to fully relax on Sunday because you dread the coming of Monday (and the return to “The Job”?

Do you regularly bring work home from “The Job” to where it encroaches on your private time?

Are you regularly missing family events because of “The Job”?

Do you often run out the door without breakfast and even skip lunch because you don’t have time because you have to get to “The Job”?

Do you skip exercise because you are too tired after a day at “The Job”?

Do you find yourself unable to sleep at night because your mind is racing about “The Job” related issues?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is likely that your job is taking over your life instead of being a part of your life. You see, the way you approach “The Job” can have profound effects on your health and well-being. For one thing, living for “The Job” can cause you to experience a tremendous amount of stress because you are not taking care of YOU. And taking care of YOU has got to be priority #1 always! Because, let me tell you, if you should keel over at your desk, it’ll be: so sad, so bad, send flowers, next! Yup, they will simply fill your seat with another.  So, if this is you what can you do to make things better?

View your job as part of your life and NOT your life. Think about your life as a whole. What else does it consist of? Do you have a family that needs you? What about your friends that you haven’t seen because you’ve been buried in “The Job”? How about the hobbies you enjoy that you have put off doing because you’ve been too busy at “The Job”? That vacation you never took? Ugh! I could go on. But, I think you get it. Make plans TODAY to include the other parts of your life into your daily living and stick by them. I’ll just bet your stress level will go down!

Take Care of your Health! You have 24 hours a day, find some time to exercise and make time for healthy meals. If that means getting up earlier in the morning so that you can have a healthy breakfast, do it! And pack a lunch. That way, you have control of what you eat rather than eating out and trusting some restaurant not to put health killing ingredients in your food. Need inspiration? Check out The Engine2 Diet by Rip Esselstyn and Eat to Live: The Cookbook by Dr. Joel Fuhrman for healthy meal options.

Start Your Own Business! Have you ever thought about earning an income doing something that you love? This could be something to seriously consider if you are one of those people that dreads Mondays! You could even do something on the side and still keep “The Job”. It’s worth thinking about because you can never get fired from your own business and, who knows, you might open a whole new chapter in your life; one filled with adventures and opportunities you never could have imagined!

You only have one life, live it to the fullest and for goodness sake, don’t make it all about “The Job”!

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