How You Can Create a Health Boosting Paradise at Home

Post 30 ParadiseAs I write this, I am at the beach, one of my very favorite places to relax and, as we all know, relaxation is definitely a physical and mental health booster. Sometime ago, it  got me thinking about how great I feel when I’m here and wishing I could be here all the time. I mean, imagine being able to visit the very place that makes you feel relaxed and stress free anytime you want? Great, right? But since that’s not always practical, I thought, what if I could recreate this at home? Eureka! My home paradise was born. Home paradise, you say? Well, yes! Basically, it’s a place you create at home that can be inside or outside depending on what you want. For instance, one of the things I love about the beach town I go to, ocean aside, is the beautiful gardens with all of the brightly colored flowers. It makes me feel happy and peaceful to look at them. So, one of the elements that had to be in my home paradise was beautiful flowers and since I do not have an ocean nearby, I opted for a garden setting outside my house. My paradise is still a work in progress and I am having so much fun! What you want to do is to think of what things about your ideal place really make you happy and translate them to a place at your home. For instance, it might be an amazing spa experience that you create in your bathroom or how about turning a spare room into your paradise if you have it? Even if you live in a tiny space, you can carve out an area. It could even just be a corner of your bedroom! Look at pictures of your special place for inspiration and then let your imagination run wild! And it does not have to be a place that you have been before. For example, I would like to create another paradise that reminds me of the Tuscany region of Italy even though I have never visited. It’s so beautiful in pictures and I love the colors!

Many thanks to my good friend, Melisande, for being kind enough to share her home paradise with me. Her favorite place is the Bahamas because she says that she feels so relaxed and that all of life’s stresses melt away when she’s there. Also, she was always captivated by the Tiki huts there with their fun, tropical décor and how happy they made her feel. So, Melisande decided that she wanted to visit her very own Bahamian Tiki hut whenever she got the hankering and what she calls her “Tacky Caribbean Porch” or, more commonly, the “TCP” was born. She likes to say that it is her Zen zone and it even includes a chiminea for a really cool fire element. She truly made it her own. Fabulous! Check out Melisande’s TCP in the picture below.

TCP2 Crop1

How great Melisande must feel being able to visit her paradise anytime she wants! What about you, what is your favorite place? What fun could you have creating your home paradise? Go for it! Your health and wellbeing are worth it.

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