Color Your Way to Health!

Post 22 ColorWho doesn’t love color? It’s so much a part of our daily lives from what we wear to the décor in our homes. But, did you know that the judicious use of color can positively impact your health?  Now, a basic example of this is the colors in fruits and vegetables. For instance, the vibrant purple of red cabbage or the bright orange of carrots are both indicators of the presence of health-boosting phytonutrients. So, as I am always saying, eat more brightly colored fruits and vegetables for health! Another emerging alternative health option is color therapy. Color therapy seeks to use the properties of color to aid in the recovery or enhancement of health and wellness. Let’s take a look at some colors and some of their possible health benefits courtesy of

RED – Helps reduce chronic pain, increase heart strength, reduce inflammation and swelling

ORANGE – Stimulates the lungs to increase oxygen to the body, reduce menstrual cramps, relieve hiccups

YELLOW – Strengthens the nervous system, strengthens the heart, can help rheumatoid arthritis

GREEN – Overall well-being, stimulates the brain and the digestive system

AQUA – Headache relief, relieves aches and pains, relieves skin irritations

BLUE – Useful in the treatment of acne, relaxes calms muscles, weight loss

INDIGO – Promotes deep sleep, skin firming, relieves sinus problems

VIOLET – Overall immune enhancer, calms the nerves, depresses the appetite

BAKER – MILLER PINK – This is a particular shade of pink that has been found to have positives effects for stress relief, calming aggression, and relaxation. There are glasses you can wear! Click HERE to find out more.

Think about how you can use color in your daily life to enhance your health. How about wearing a violet scarf to help enhance your immunity or green on that job interview for its brain boosting powers? Maybe think about putting some of that Baker-Miller pink in your bedroom. The options are endless, so have fun coloring your way to health!

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