5 Success Tips for Building Super Health on a Vegan Diet

Post 13 Vegan DietVeganism has really come into its own in the last few years. There are literally tons of articles on the subject on the web and in print and the Cooking Channel even has a show centered around it called, How to Live to 100 hosted by Jason Wrobel.  No doubt, the vegan diet has truly entered the mainstream. And no wonder since it has been shown that including more plant based foods in your diet can improve your health. It certainly did for me. So, I was inspired to write this post because of all of the comments that I have been reading lately on various blogs and vlogs about how some people are not experiencing success with this way of eating. The most common theme was weight gain. Now, I know from experience that eating a plant based diet can have a positive impact on weight control, but, I also learned that you have to ensure that you plan for success. Here are five success tips that can definitely help you build your health and maintain a healthy weight on a vegan diet.

  1. Eat nutrient dense food

This is probably the most important point. I have seen many people go on a vegan diet and give no thought to the nutrient content of the foods they eat. Veganism simply means the absence of any animal products. So under that definition, french fries and Twizzlers would qualify! The first thing to do is to increase the amount of leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits (especially berries) in your daily diet. Also, you want to add beans, nuts, and seeds. Here’s a secret: Eat more nutrient dense foods and reduce hunger and cravings! To read more about this, I highly recommend, The End of Dieting by Dr. Joel Fuhrman

2.    Avoid too many high glycemic carbohydrates

You want to be very careful with things like white rice and dried fruits. These foods are high glycemic because they cause a sharp rise in blood sugar and, therefore, can contribute to weight gain. Not to say that you can never eat these foods, but just watch the quantity when you eat them. Better yet, substitute wild rice (so good!) and quinoa for white rice and stick with mainly fresh fruits rather than dried.

3.    Avoid adding oils to food

We have all been told how healthy certain fats like olive oil are. So, as a consequence, people are using it in food in great quantities. I love to look at vegan recipes to try and I have noticed that many of them are full of added oils.  If you want to maintain a healthy weight, I would encourage you to add whole fats to your diet like avocados, nuts and seeds in lieu of oils. Read more about why, CLICK HERE.

4.    Exercise

You’ve got to move it. If all you do is just walk, that is better than sitting all day. Your body needs movement to stay healthy. So, find an exercise you like and do it! For inspiration, CLICK HERE to read more about this in my book, The Wellness Mindset: 5 Keys to Building Super Health.

5.    Invest in Recipe Books

Keep a library of recipes books that inspire you to try new foods in the plant world. Doing this will keep your vegan journey more fun and interesting. Two of my favorites are Eat To Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Forks Over Knives – The Cookbook: Over 300 Recipes for Plant-Based Eating All Through the Year by Del Sroufe and Isa Chandra Moskowitz.

 Please comment below about your experiences with veganism.

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